Where can I find an event?

Head to the Find An Event page and click on any of the events to get all the details.

Who are the hosts?

Posh Ambassadors across the U.S. and Canada who are invested in helping you level up your listings. Interested in hosting? U.S. Posh Ambassadors apply here. Canadian Posh Ambassadors, apply here.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring items that you want to list, any props that you want to use in your listings (think signage, succulents, and more!), and any tools you may need like measuring tape, lighting, mannequins, and backdrops.

How do I decide what to list?

Bring items you have sourced that you have been meaning to list or take a look in your closet and find a few items that you are no longer wearing.

How long is each event?

The timing varies depending on the event and the host. Check the event listing for more details.

Who can attend?

These events are geared towards sharing strategies, listing together, and more! Whether you’re new to Poshmark or looking to level up your listing game, by attending a Posh N List, you’ll learn insider tips from the pros.

Why are Posh N Lists happening virtually instead of in-person?

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, we want to ensure the safety and health of our community. All Posh N Sip events will be held virtually until further notice. You can find more information regarding COVID-19 and the Poshmark community here.

How does Poshmark support Posh N List hosts?

Posh N List hosts will receive a host guide with tips for planning your event, and a Poshmark branded host kit to help spread the #PoshLove. We’ll also help spread the word by marketing your event to the community, and sharing your event listing through pm_editor for events in the U.S. or pm_editor_ca for events in Canada.